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As a third-generation family business, United Gem Ltd. has a long-standing tradition of offering only the best to our network of clients.  We have earned a reputation for providing our customers with the highest quality diamonds, priced extremely competitively.  As an independent wholesale company, we are able to scrutinize every stone that enters our inventory.  Richard Goynshor, the company’s proprietor, has spent over 40 years in the industry and personally supervises every item that enters our stock.  Time and again, he has been recognized by his clients and colleagues as the dealer most likely to provide diamonds that sell.  Below is a brief summary of some of United Gem’s most notable attributes:



-Supply our retail clients with a full selection of competitively priced loose diamonds.


-Manufacture and source our goods directly from our overseas factory in Belgium.


-Partnered with site-holders in both Antwerp and India.


-Specialize in ideal and near-ideal cut round stones and fancies of the finest make.


-Offer a wide array of standard and odd-sized stones, anywhere from .5cts to over 10cts.


-Carry an extensive collection of fancy shapes, including princess, radiant, cushion, and Asscher cuts.


-Provide a comprehensive extended memo program to accommodate our clients.


-Never bypass our retail clients by offering our goods online or selling directly to the public.


-Hold both uncertified and certified goods (including GIA, EGL, and AGS).


-Have been featured on numerous occasions in the Rappaport Diamond Report as a wholesaler that understands our clients’ ever-changing needs in this dynamic industry.